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A menu is the primary marketing material to communicate the instrument to help all other operations

in the restaurant to coordinate their actions.


After spending many thousand to furnish and decorate your outlet, consider that a right menu costs only a few hundred.


Our team has the experience and knowledge to cooperate with your team to realize your

need for a well designed and operational menu.


When we start designing a menu, we take into consideration the industry of your various restaurant characteristics of the outlet structure and decoration and the personnel operations.

Ideal PR Solutions has the experienced and powerful team consisted of marketers, designers, and printers to supply the correct final menu. 

 Saddle stitched booklet
 Bi-folded
 Tri-folded
 Button binding
 Screw binding in Imitation leather cover
 Screw binding in bookbinding cover
 Screw binding in Wooden covers
 Imitation leather cover with plastic pockets
 Imitation leather bill holder
 Menu in plastic pouch
 Single sheet Xlarge