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Business Cards

Your business card is an effective marketing tool. For this reason, a business card is important to you and your business. 


Here at Ideal PR Solutions, we use the most advanced printing technology, with quick delivery. The end result is professional, eye-catching and meets all your personal, corporate and budgetary needs. 


Brochures are used by businesses of all the sizes to engage new and existing customers.


They are a tangible piece of literature that communicates information on a company's products or services that can be referred back to as often as required. 


They are a lot of types of brochures. The size and style of the brochure which is right for any business will depend on a number of factors. These include how much content it needs to include, how often information will be updated through inserts and importantly the impression it is required to portray. 


Our team of talented and qualified designers able to produce eye-catching and powerful brochures. 


They are a great way to get a lot of information in front of your customers in an eye-catching and physical format. Catalogues are a strong sales tool because they tend stuck in your customer's office, who peruse and refer back to for ordering and browsing, keeping you and your products in front of them longer.


Catalogues are one of the most versatile and creative forms of direct marketing. Custom catalogues can be designed and printed to match any budget. Full-colour catalogues that use high-quality graphics are sure to grab attention and bring in sales.


A professionally designed booklet is an ideal way to convey useful information to employees, customers, prospects or members. 


Booklet marketing has proven to be one of the most effective advertising techniques today in a way that brands your company and generates sales.


A smartly designed booklet is smaller than a catalogue but still a powerful marketing tool.


Send new and creative booklets to current and future customers several times a year and watch sales grow.


We understand that booklets are a representation of your business products, services and information, that's why we never compromise the quality of our booklet design and printing.

Presentation folder

Every business and organization need and uses pocket folders. A presentation folder provides valuable space to organize and distribute information to clients, customers, sales prospects and more. 


We offer a variety of presentation folder options to create a professional and customised look to your pocket folder. 


It's a perfect way to organize all your marketing materials such as your brochures, letterheads, notepads, business proposals, business cards and more.


We believe that a well-designed presentation folder introduces your company to a prospective customer properly and is a key tool that you can use to leave a lasting impression with the customer.

Business Stationary

At Ideal PR Solutions, we understand how to apply the colours and fonts of your logo to your stationary in order to create an image your customers will remember. We produce complete business cards, letterheads, compliments slips, envelopes, invoices, and receipt; all tailored to match your brand. 


Always remember that apart from the obvious functional aspect of the stationary, it also serves as advertising and branding tool. The fact is that quality business stationery can help you build a positive image about your company irrespective of the type and size of the business. Moreover, well-designed and professional business stationery can help your business stand apart from your competition. 

Flyers / Leaflets

Help your company to reach target audiences, increase brand awareness and deliver a focused, professionally presented message through design. Design flyers, that get straight to the point. 


The purpose of a leaflet or a flyer is to offer a small amount of information for a limited time. 


They are mostly used for announcements of events, products or services information or fact sheets handed out at trade shows or conferences.


Leaflets have always been one of the most cost-effective methods of promoting your business, products or service. Our leaflet design service produces printed marketing material which assists you to market and promotes your business to its best effect. 


Sending out printed announcements is a great way to let people know about a happening or update them on something new that is going on in your life. 


Invitations by Ideal PR Solutions provide unique invitations and announcements designed just for your event. We provide invitations for weddings, christenings, seminars, parties, exhibitions or any special event. 


Corporate Gifts

Imprinted corporate gifts are an affordable way to communicate your customised marketing message, build your brand identity, create a positive company image, show appreciation to valued clients, congratulate on motivate loyal employees, and ultimately increase your business.


We make it easy for you to have your company logo, message, slogan and contact information imprinted on a wide variety of corporate gifts, customised to suit your needs and budget. 


With our collection of promotional corporate gifts, you will find the item perfect for you. We will custom print your company's name and logo into your item of choice. 


Corporate gifts can be given out as a gift, at conferences, trade shows or events or given as a giveaway, in reception areas, or used as part or direct mail campaigns. 

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